Look at me now….err…then

I did it! I created a map to compile our boondocking locations and even figured out how to embed it into the page. Yehaw!

These spots are only for locations we have stayed at with Stewie. Boondocking locations only, no campgrounds (at least not yet) where we had to pay money. That may change, but I figure the ones that cost are gonna be easy to find.

We have found most of these spots via iOverlander or Campendium or Boondocking or Allstays Camp & RV. I think you get the idea. Spots found via any means possible.

Please, go check out our stays on the Boondocking Spots page!!


    1. You’re reading my mind again! 🙂 I was thinking of either 1) writing up the blog post and putting pics in there or 2) I think the map allows you to upload pics to each point. I did not make it through the workflow for 2, because it would not link to my google photos. So I took the lazy way out. I will give it a try and let you know.


    2. Ok. I just attached 4 images to Penrose. There are some pros and cons.
      Pros: Images. Yay!
      Cons: Images have to be local or on your google drive (I haven’t figured out if it can see google photos); only see thumbnail size, not able to enlarge as a third party viewer (unless you tell me otherwise); strange upload procedure, but not difficult;


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