Wrap Up – Oregon 2021

The summer went so fast. I did not write as many posts as I originally planned on. Reality set in and I just didn’t have it in me to work all day, then stay on the computer to try and be creative and witty and write stuff up. Even now…still having a hard time.

We left GA in April. We had some hardships on the way to Oregon. We made it to Oregon a couple weeks behind schedule, but still “on time”. We had fun, made friends, played in the sun, avoided fires, ate good food, went camping, found great roads, worked. Then we came home.

Our path home was intended to be a fun version of boondocking and spending time with family, checking more places off the bucket list. The fires, the smoke, the heat, the broken AC, the lack of a bathtub, the 5 AM work start time, the time away from home took a toll and we cut things short and headed home rather…expeditioustly.

Thought it might be eye-opening to look at some statistics for the trip:

  • Days away from home: 176
  • Miles Driven: 9632
  • Gallons of fuel: 1420
  • Fuel Costs: $4831
  • MPG: 6.78
  • Lowest cost of fuel: $2.889
  • Highest cost of fuel: $4.299
  • Paid for Camping: 4 nights
  • Breakdowns requiring towing Mandatory, unscheduled maintenance: 2
  • New Friends: too many to count!

There are so many other items that could have statistics tied to them. Unfortunately for you, I either didn’t record them, or haven’t given the thought to compiling them. I figured the fuel and mileage was shocking enough. 🙂

With all that, I still want to plan on Canada, Labrador/New Foundland, Alaska or some such epic adventure next year. Hopefully the breakdown unscheduled maintenance stat will be a whopping zero!!


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