Returning to reality

We took a brief pause from our reality with Stewie to enjoy a celebration with my brother and his fiancΓ©, as they turned from engaged to husband and wife. They did this in one of their favorite spots, Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park. The day was perfect, the bride and groom were perfect. The family and friends and music was perfect. We didn’t have much time for sightseeing but we got to spend some time with good people. We are now on our return leg to meet up with Stewie and see what it will take to get him … Continue reading Returning to reality

Brief Interlude

Well, the trip started off well enough. This first day and night was great, aside from the driveshaft vibration and the cab a/c going out. Brief stopover at AutoZone had the a/c running again. As no driveshaft places were open on the weekend, we determine we could nurse them to Kansas City to a drive shop there. Funny how quickly plans can change. First day we made it to Paducah, KY and stayed at a KOA. Figured the shower might be nice. πŸ‘ All system were good and the bed was super comfortable! The exception was that we don’t yet … Continue reading Brief Interlude

Something coming?

Stewie is nestled in among family. Amazing that she seems a bit small compared to her cousins! We’ve been working hard to get her road worthy again. Took Stewie to a CAT mechanic for a once-over, have the speedo recalibrated since we installed new gearing, check the brakes to make sure she is up for a long trip, reprogram computer to add new cab A/C. Meant to take pics or video while she was on the road, but found I was severely disappointed at how boring she looked! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ There was just nothing that made her stand out as exciting. … Continue reading Something coming?